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  • Published : 2023-01-12
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Job Description

  • Job Title Management



The role of the Assistant Branch Manager is to support the Branch Manager in managing the performance of the branch to achieve the company vision and successfully implement the Greatness Blueprint. The Assistant Branch Manager will assist the Branch Manager in effectively communicating the company vision and strategy throughout the branch and lead, inspire, coach and support reporting staff to successfully implement the Greatness Blueprint


To improve the lives of our customers and our people by striving for greatness every day


Embrace The Reece Way within your branch

  • Lead, inspire and coach staff to embrace the company purpose and live The Reece Way

  • Embrace The Reece Way - your behaviour and action should consistently demonstrate the values

  • Establish a strong culture that embraces the Reece Way within the branch

  • Assist the Branch Manager to recruit & develop the right people who embrace The Reece Way

  • Take responsibility for the running of the branch in the Branch Manager’s absence'

  • Effectively communicate with others in a positive, constructive and respectful manner

  • Assist the Branch Manager to effectively address staff performance and development

  • Assist the Branch Manager with My Health Checks with reporting staff within established rhythms

Support the Breakthrough Innovation Program within your branch

  • Assist the Branch Manager to effectively communicate and promote the implementation of the Greatness Blueprint within the branch

  • Assist the Branch Manager to ensure staff clearly understand the Greatness Blueprint

  • Inspire, lead and coach staff to implement the Breakthrough Innovation Program:

    • Customer Service Breakthrough (Being the primary supplier to all our customers by providing them with the very best customised service)

    • Leadership Breakthrough (Creating an environment that allows our people to discover their best and live The Reece Way)

    • Process Breakthrough (Developing & implementing best practice, intuitive single systems)

    • Trading Skills Breakthrough (Selling the value of the Reece Group)

    • Supply Chain Breakthrough (Providing the right products to the right place at the right time at the right cost)

    • Technology Transformation (Providing the right technology, the right business systems & the right information)

  • Ensure your branch implements all relevant company policies, procedures and directions

  • Ensure safe work practices are driven throughout the branch

  • Assist the Branch Manager to ensure new initiatives and changes to company strategy or policy are effectively implemented within the branch

Custodian of the Reece brand within your branch

  • Inspire and lead the branch staff to deliver customised service - ‘Reece Works for You’

  • Ensure branch staff promote and support VAP products

  • Ensure branch staff implement The Service Standards by having the right behaviours and actions, and doing the simple things great everyday

  • Coach branch staff to develop the skills required to deliver The Service Standards

  • Ensure all branch staff are committed to creating customers for life


  • Regularly undertake customer development calls with key staff to develop their trading skills.

  • Assist the Branch Manager to drive the quarterly theme and key activities within your branch that align back to the overall annual or quarterly objectives of the company

  • Assist the Branch Manager to efficiently manage operating costs (achieving sales/FTE and wages/sales requirements) and working capital (stock, debtors, company vehicles, premises)

  • Report as required to the Branch Manager on:

    • major issues and activities

    • recommendations for business improvement / growth

    • any new initiatives and ideas to achieve company business objectives

    • competitor activity and pricing

From time to time, work may involve aspects of some or all of the following:

• Serving and selling products and/or services to customers

• Ensuring orders with suppliers and other branches are completed correctly

• Providing customers with technical information

• Following up customers when goods arrive

• Providing customers with quotes and following up quotes

• Managing ongoing credit control with customers

• Using the Reece computer system to record transactions

• Monitoring stock levels, replenishment, overstocks, clearance stocks and stocktake

• Carrying out general housekeeping

• Carrying out cash handling, credit card transactions and banking

• Managing customer orders

• Organising deliveries and pickups / driving delivery vehicles, cleaning & checking vehicles

• Dealing with credit returns and manufacturer credit claims

• Handling complaints, after sales service

• Training and supporting staff

• Merchandising and marketing

• Undertaking customer follow-ups, chasing new business, cold calling

• Undertaking showroom maintenance activities & showroom sales

• Applying Reece policies and procedures

• Occupational health & safety manual handling goods

• Conducting & participating in audits

• Pricing

• Administration

• Checking goods and paperwork

• Inwards goods activities

• Participating in meetings


Please remember that the above details are not exhaustive. We are all required to take on additional responsibilities as our organisation adapts to meet the changing needs of our business.


Relationship Building - Has the ability to build relationships with staff, peers, customers and suppliers.

Communication – Actively seek and share information, encourage discussion and timely communication using various communication methods.

Functional/Technical Expertise – Has relevant knowledge and skills with industry experience and at least 2 years’ experience as a branch staff member.

Technology Savvy – Use technology effectively, seeking ways to use technology for the good of the business. Will be proactive in investigating and adopting new technologies to achieve competitive advantage.

Organising and planning – Has strong organising and planning skills, can manage their time wisely and effectively prioritise multiple competing tasks.

Problem Solving and Decision Making – Able to identify problems, solve them, act decisively, and show good judgment.

Influence – Proficient at influencing and motivating staff to be the best they can be.

Results Orientation – Can focus on outcomes that align with the business plan, are motivated by achievement, and persist until the goal is reached.

Team management – Create and maintain high performing teams, understanding the way a team is formed and maintained.

Conflict management – Comfortable with healthy conflict and support and manage differences of opinion. Stop destructive competition or friction, and use consensus and collaboration to debate and resolve issues.


Lower limb requirements

• Static Standing – up to 30 minutes at a time.

• Dynamic Standing – constantly throughout day.

• Sitting – regularly, dependent on task.

• Walking – regularly throughout day.

• Squatting – occasionally, including when lifting items from below knee height.

• Kneeling – occasionally.

• Climbing – occasionally, including when using stairs within the warehouse area and for step and platform

ladders, etc.

Upper limb requirements

• Shoulder flexion 0 to 180o – low levels of flexion required in sustained manner for computer tasks. Frequent and varying levels of flexion required throughout the day.

• Shoulder extension 0 to 60o – occasional throughout day, dependant on task.

• Shoulder abduction – frequently, to varying degrees’ dependant on task.

• Shoulder adduction – occasional, dependant on task.

• Shoulder internal and external rotation – occasional, dependant on task.

• Lifting of up to 20 kg/ Lifting below waist height /Lifting above waist height – occasional at 20kg, although lower weights may be more frequent.

• Carrying of up to 20 kg – manual handling aids, such as trolleys, are available. Items are stored according to weight, with lighter items stored below knee and above shoulder.

• Push/pull – occasionally, such as during stocktake periods.

• Fine motor control – regularly.

• Gross motor control – sustained grip required during telephone use

. Regular gross motor control required throughout day.

Manual handling / Other requirements

From time to time, work may involve the following manual handling tasks:

• Gripping firmly with both hands

• Bending and twisting

• Crouching and kneeling

• Climbing a ladder

• Hearing a normal conversation

• Lifting, up to 20kgs

• Working at heights

• Standing or sitting for 2 hours or longer

• Driving delivery vehicles (ie. truck, van, ute) where required and licenced

• Operate forklift equipment where required where required and licenced

• Transfers in and out of forklift

• Transfers in and out of truck/van

• Driving

• Hand-eye coordination

• Telephone use


• Innovative problem solving

• Strong identification of opportunities

• Ability to work under pressure

• High quality verbal communication

• Leading a team

• Performance management

• Provide and receive constructive feedback and criticism

• Efficient time management

• Ability to multi-task

• Strong scheduling and planning skills

• Negotiation and influencing

• Dealing with difficult personalities

• Dealing with customer expectations and demands

• Teamwork

• Adept with change

• Product knowledge and information retention

• Knowledge of computer programs and technology

• Following all company & site policies and procedures

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