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Are you a marketer, obsessed with creating the most intuitive, informative, and value-driven customer journeys? Have you watched The Wolf of Wall Street more than once, riding the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort, thinking there must be a better way? 

Enter my new friends, the good people at SelfWealth who are looking for an Engagement Marketing Manager, keen to get in at the proverbial ground floor of a growing team and implement a brand new CEM [which one, we’re not sure yet...details]. Reporting to Head of Marketing Jarrod [He is pretty ace], who to date has done rather amazing things as a team of 1 [relying heavily on external help, but tough going playing foosball Hans Solo]. 

Who is SelfWealth? They started the idea for low-cost share trading in Australia. They were the first to launch flat-free trading, because why not? No one likes hidden fees and surprise markups. Also, their 86,000 active traders really rate it too. The driver of this platform is to support and enable positive long-term trading generating your own  ‘Self’ ‘Wealth’. See what I did there???

.. And the role? So where do you start, when building a team that is focused on the customer? Well, maybe that’s with you… That is of course if you are quite genuinely passionate about building effective customer engagement processes, ensuring value delivered from the platform is perpetual. 
This role is all about understanding SelfWealth’s members, helping them get the most out of the platform, and of course, helping them achieve their financial goals. This is done by sharing informative, relevant messages communicating the value of SelfWealth products and educating them on how best to build and extract it. 

Most of all a personal interest in the stock market, no need to have an extensive background in finance or investment - just a curious mindset. 


Extensive experience of direct and digital marketing ideally in a similar industry.
Strong background in customer acquisition, re-engagement and retention strategies.
Degree educated with a minimum of a 2.1 ideally from an IT or related degree.
A Confident and articulate communicator capable of inspiring strong collaboration in an organization.

Interested? Why not apply? Sound like you? Intrigued? Curious? Interested? If so, apply and then say hi! Emails and LinkedIn messages are ok, but a direct application is MUCH better. Also, I’m hopeless with voice mails, so I probably want to avoid that option.

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